Maintaining comfort and wellbeing

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As the end of their life approaches, people sometimes need specialist care and support if they are dying due to a particular illness. Whoever they are, the specialist’s job is to try and manage the symptoms of the illness in the best way possible, and to provide support to try and keep the patient as comfortable as possible as the end of life approaches. However, simply keeping people comfortable and ensuring that their needs are attended to encompasses much more than this.

Every worker has a part to play in this, no matter how small, and working effectively together can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of the patient, making sure that specialist input is provided when needed. Be aware that some symptoms may not come from the illness or condition itself, but also from the treatment given, maybe side effects, mental health or certain other disorders that can be associated with the situation. You should also know that different causes to symptoms may require different approaches to nullifying these symptoms and making the patient as comfortable as possible. Make sure to keep asking them if there is anything they need, however small and always let them know that you are available to help.