Principle 6

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Principle 6 – “The needs and rights of carers are recognised and acted upon. Carers are offered support both while caring and during bereavement. Employers recognise the ways in which workers are affected while caring for someone who is dying, and provide appropriate guidance and support.”

This is a really important one, as you, the carer, may be affected by the death of the person you were caring for. At the outset, it’s important to say that it’s OK to feel affected by this, and employers are there to help you through this time.

Workers are able to give support to each other and further down the line can make links to more structured support networks when necessary. It is the duty of employers to recognise the potential impact of dying and death upon their staff and have appropriate systems and resources in place to provide support. As a carer, it’s vitally important that if you feel the death of someone you have cared for has affected you in a negative way that you don’t remain silent, that you speak out about the issue and seek assistance and help. This is most definitely not any sign of weakness on your part. Recognising the issue is the first step in being able to successfully deal with it and be able to move on and continue in your role. Depending on your job, you must accept that death will be an unfortunate reality that you will need to learn to deal with in a professional manner.