Principle 7

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Principle 7 – “Employers provide appropriate learning and development opportunities for workers to ensure that they are properly equipped to work with people at the end of life. Workers are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.”

Continuing professional development is seen throughout many different vocations, and in the care sector, it is very important. Because you are working with people, the situation is often always changing, so you must make sure that you are ready to deal with any situation no matter what that may be.

You also need to be aware that you are often dealing with very high levels of emotion, and you, therefore, need to bear this in mind and often make allowances for it. There are many resources online, whether that be from businesses or charities such as Marie Curie and we would encourage you to spend some time researching and looking at this issue deeper. Ensuring your skills are constantly fresh and up to date will make sure that the people you are caring for, along with their family and friends, will receive the best treatment and care possible, and ensure that their time with you is as good as it can be. It will also make the family feel like their relative is in good hands and they are getting the very best support they can, in what will understandably be an incredibly emotive and difficult time.