Principle 4

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Principle 4 – “Good, clear, and straightforward information is provided to the person and their carers.”

Both the service user and their carers must be made aware of the range of options and resources available to them, how these may be accessed and any potential risks or benefits. They are then able to use this information to enable them to contribute to the development and delivery of care to support their chosen end of life pathway and in developing, where appropriate, advanced care plans.

People and carers have a nominated, named person whom they can contact if they require clarification or advice about any aspect of their care and support. It is essential that everyone is made aware of this so it can be accessed quickly and effectively if needed. Information about any relevant illness, its prognosis, and any other related factors has to be shared clearly, appropriately, and sensitively. Also, if a worker is unable to answer any questions relating to the person's care, they must be clearly signposted to someone who can. Simply saying “sorry, I can’t help you” isn’t good enough, you must always signpost them in the correct direction and if you don’t know at the present time then go away, find out and come back and share the information.