Principle 5

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Principle 5 – “Regular reviews and effective communication ensure that care and support is responsive to the needs and changing circumstances of people at the end of life, and their carers. Forward planning, including advance care planning, facilitates well-coordinated, planned and organised care and support.”

The organisation of the care of the patient must be implemented around their needs, wishes, and circumstances. Respect for the person and their family and friends must be held as imperative, at every stage of the care process. You must also remember that the situation is likely to change and information will not necessarily remain the same, and this is yet another reason as to why communication is so important.

The introduction of the Care Act in April 2015 now means that there is a duty for local authorities to undertake a carer’s assessment based on whether that carer may appear to have need for support, either currently or at some point in the future. This is critical in the ongoing care of the patient, as there may well be a level of increased dependency and need for care as time goes on and their condition worsens.